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KEYWORDS: Travel, grade, job DESCRIPTION: According to a new study, the more you travel, the better your grades are as a student and the better your career options are as an adult. So hit the road! AUTHOR: TITLE: Travel Linked to Higher Grades, Better Jobs

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Travel Linked to Higher Grades, Better Jobs

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 According to a new study, the more you travel, the better your grades are as a student and the better your career options are as an adult. So hit the road!

Those who love to travel will be happy to hear that research shows travelling while in school leads to higher grades and bigger earnings later in life.
I love to travel and I owe it all to my mother, who took me to beautiful places from the time I was a little girl. But while my mom may not have realized it at the time, she may have helped me in my career, the new study suggests. The survey was conducted by The Wagner Group, and found that students who travelled had higher grades. They were also more likely to graduate and even seek future learning opportunities. But that’s not all: travelling as a student was also found to be correlated with bigger earnings later in life.
“Not only did we see a considerably higher graduation rate among students who travelled, but as adults, they earned 12 percent more annually,” said Dr. Jeffrey Wagner, president of The Wagner Group.
What is also interesting is that these positive outcomes weren’t related to factors such as age or income.
“The best part of this survey is that regardless of ethnicity, family income, age and gender, travel’s benefits to education and future success are universal,” said Roger Dow, president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association. “This research shows that simple educational additions to your itinerary, whether it’s local culture, history or nature, can have major impacts on future career success.”
So it appears children are definite winners when travelling. I always found it easier to remember a mountain range and all its peaks and passes for my geography class after having visited it than when learning them from a book. Moreover, travelling to foreign countries can help with language learning—it is always great to exercise your Italian in Italy, your German in Germany and so on and so forth.
So, what’s your next destination and when do you plan on getting there? 
Source: travellandscape.ca
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